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We have issued a press release clearly stating our position on the issue. The Washington Post reporters Dana Priest and Anne Hull first broke the story last Tuesday. Their report focuses almost entirely on the conditions of the physical plant. The first one was taken of the power pole in 2013 prior to the July 30, 2013 Public Hearing. The other was taken last Thursday.Last year I shared my safety concerns with all of you of this large pole with hydro transformers with lateral dips and communication cables on Delta Street and the lane. At the Public Hearing we were assured by staff, the architect and the developer that they were aware of the problem with the power pole and it would be straightened and the proximity to the townhouses would be within the allowable safety limits.As you can see in the second Photo that was taken last week, that nothing has been done to straighten the power pole and the framing of the third floor has commenced.